Listen to His Heartbeat | Pre-roll

    Created to inspire us to look beyond ourselves by tuning in to God's heartbeat for people. Shot at Thessaloniki, Greece. Music by Vincent, "Her" and Greg Ombrowski.
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    Listen to His Heartbeat | Pre-roll
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    For us this is more than a song, it is an intimate cry for divine love. With Kapetan’s help we produced a music video that captures both the eye and the heart of our generation. From one creative to another, we highly recommend George to any and all who look for an authentic and passionate creator.


    Music Band
    George understood fully the needs of the project at hand and responded with high excellence and professionalism. He is an excellent collaborator, providing flawless results.

    J. Gard

    Music Band
    When you know someone from a young age, who knows their goal and purpose, then you can expect that their work and services will be impeccable. This is the case with George and his camera. The realisation and final result or our idea came out so beautifully and flawlessly, because George felt it and invested himself to it, it wasn’t a mechanical job for him. This is someone you can trust and have a nice cooperation with. When you don’t even need to check what he is shooting, and you see the final product and it captivates you, this is pure magic!

    Aggelos Zerbinos

    Music Band

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