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Τρεις Φίλοι | Episode trailer

The nation of Greece is a society in which there is an intersection of ancient tradition, global influence, the turmoil of transition, and yet the hopeful reality of the unknown. Despite the many challenges and certain unanswered questions for modern Greece and its people, there is a begging question—could the piece of land that is known as the ‘cradle’ of Western civilization be the very place where transformative paradigms emerge yet again moving into the next century?

Three friends [Τρεις Φίλοι] had a revelation around a table—the Greece of yesterday and today will continue to influence the reality of the world’s tomorrow.

The Τρεις Φίλοι documentary film is a contemporary perspective on Greek society and culture through the lens of traditional multi-generational businesses and newer innovative businesses that are challenging global pendulums.

George [a Greek filmmaker], Yota [a Greek linguist], and Daniel [an American teacher and historian] set out on a journey to discover the beauty of the nation of Greece through the stories that encapsulate the essence of the modern Greek narrative by finding perspective through business, family, ingenuity, and innovation.

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